About the Band


The Longhorn Band is a year-round program offered as a course by the Butler School of Music at The University of Texas. Registration in this course is open to any student of the various academic disciplines provided at The University of Texas. Activities begin in August with Band Week and continue until University graduations in late May. They resume during June with Summer Band concerts and participation in the Longhorn Music Camp as counselors for high school and middle school students. University of Texas students may also register for concert and jazz ensembles in both the fall and spring semesters.

Throughout the fall, the Longhorn Band performs at all University of Texas football games, with a smaller pep band for out-of-state trips. For post-season bowl game trips, the tradition has been to bring the entire Longhorn Band. Additional performances include pep rallies, parades, and a special halftime show with the Longhorn Alumni Band. The Longhorn Band makes guest appearances at many events that spotlight the popularity of the band. Fall rehearsals are held from 6:30 to 8:30 on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, and a prior to kickoff on game days.

During the spring, Longhorn Band members participate in one of four concert bands, a jazz ensemble, or a percussion ensemble. Spring rehearsals are held twice a week for ninety minutes each. Specific times vary for each ensemble, and these ensembles give at least two performances. Other notable annual activities include concerts at local performance venues, performances at the State Capitol for the Governor for a Day ceremony, and the Fiesta Flambeau Parade in San Antonio.


The Longhorn Band Directors are responsible for all aspects of the band program, charting of pre-game and half-time shows, recruiting of new members, coordination of faculty and staff, and supervision of student organizations. In addition to these administrative tasks, the directors teach/conduct the following courses: Wind Symphony, Symphony Band, Chamber Winds, Concert Bands, Basketball Band, Volleyball Band, conducting courses, and Marching Band Techniques.

The Administrative Associates handle all office administrative duties for the University Bands program, which includes in excess of 700 students in over 10 ensembles.

The Band Council is composed of eight elected officers, five ex-officio officers, and if so desired by the President, one appointed officer. The elected members are the President, Social Vice-President, Sports Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Historian, and the two Freshman Advisors. The five ex-officio members are the Drum Major, the President of Tau Beta Sigma, the President of Kappa Kappa Psi, and the two New Member Representatives. The optional appointed member is the Parliamentarian. All council officers are voting members. Council members’ responsibilities include planning social events, determining lettering awards, and handling individual responsilibities of their respective offices. The Council meets regularly and is always open to Longhorn Band members.

Student staff positions include those in the music library staff, the equipment staff, the uniform staff, and the office staff. Student staff are supervised by the Administrative Associates and the directors.

The Longhorn Band also has two very active and helpful honorary fraternal organizations, the Alpha Tau chapter of the national honorary band fraternity Kappa Kappa Psi, and the Beta Gamma chapter of the national honorary band sorority Tau Beta Sigma, whose purpose is to build a better band through service whenever and wherever needed.

The Longhorn Band Student Association

The Longhorn Band Student Association (LHBSA) is the group responsible for organizing student activities within the Longhorn Band. Its main purpose is to serve the Longhorn Band by helping members become acquainted and accustomed to working with one another. The LHBSA is a registered student organization with the Dean of Students. Membership is open to any Longhorn Band member, and the active fees are determined by the members each year. The LHBSA sponsors social events throughout the year and the annual Longhorn Band Awards Banquet in the spring.

The officers of LHBSA are collectively termed the Band Council. Election of officers is held during the spring semester at a general meeting of the members of the LHBSA. The Freshman Advisors are elected by the LHBSA members during a general meeting in the fall. The Presidents of Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma are elected by their respective organizations and the Drum Major is determined by audition. Freshman Representatives are elected by the first year members of Longhorn Band at a special meeting following the posting of the final Longhorn Band audition results. The Parliamentarian, if deemed beneficial, is appointed by the President.

LHBSA Officers

  • President – Henry Merschat
  • Vice President – Shub Chandrasekaran
  • Treasurer – Rohan Limaye
  • Sectetary – Natalie Haecker
  • Historian – Luke Broussard
  • Sports Coordinator – Daniel Bacic
  • New Member Advisor – Pamela Hildebrand
    • Do you have questions about joining LHB? Email the New Member Advisors at nma@lhbsa.org!
  • KKY President – Tanner Widis
  • TBS President – Bianca Padavick
  • Drum Major – Kevin Kwaku