band in paradeThrough road trips, broadcast and internet presence, and most importantly, hard work from its members and directors, the band’s reputation has spread far and wide. During 1936, a touring band comprised of 36 Longhorn Band members made appearances in 14 major midwestern and eastern cities, and 15 radio performances publicizing the state of Texas centennial. In 1961, the band had the privilege of performing in President John F. Kennedy’s inaugural parade. In 1965, the band was again honored by performing in President Lyndon Baines Johnson’s inaugural parade. In 1972, the band was introduced outside the boundaries of the United States with a goodwill trip to Peru.

In 1974, the band was again in the national eye as it had the honor of being selected to perform at Superbowl VIII in Houston, Texas. In January of 1981, the Longhorn Band enjoyed the high honor of being selected to march in President Ronald Reagan’s Inaugural Parade in Washington, D.C., and in 1984, the Longhorn Band traveled to New York for performances at the Lincoln Center, Meadowlands Stadium (Penn State), and on the Today Show. In 1986, the Longhorn Band was awarded the prestigious Sudler trophy by the John Philip Sousa Foundation, honoring LHB as the Best Collegiate Marching Band in the nation. The Longhorn Band was once again showcased as one of the best collegiate bands in the nation through their appearance as the lead band at President George W. Bush’s Inaugural Parade.

The Longhorn Band has also enjoyed performances with Clay Walker and Willie Nelson as well as entertaining President Clinton. In addition, LHB has been featured on CBS This Morning, and has been able to perform at many NFL games including the Dallas Cowboys, Cincinnati Bengals, the former Houston Oilers, Green Bay Packers, Denver Broncos, Houston Texans, and the New Orleans Saints, while they were relocated in San Antonio. These achievements, awards, and appearances have added recognition to the band before millions of football fans, musicians, and music-lovers nationwide.